Coming Down to Earth

Book Description

Coming Down to Earth book cover

It was all so perfect, this world they had created: Andy, Marian, and their little son Aaron. Andy had spent his life searching for what he had now and did not for a minute take it for granted. Marian had left behind her own career to focus on her husband and son and would do anything to protect them. Their lives were inextricably intertwined by steadfast love and unquestioning trust.

But then, another man comes into her life. A ruthless man, a man who wants her. A man who cares for nothing but what he desires and will stop at nothing to get it. A man who can destroy everything her husband has spent his life building, and even, she worries, Andy himself. Fearful of how Andy would react if he knew about the man’s advances, Marian tries to handle the situation herself, gently keeping him at bay, desperately hoping to placate him without angering him. And he has the patience of a serpent as he maneuvers her, slowly bringing his plans together.

Author’s Notes

First, I want to tell you that I never intended to write a sequel to Loving Andy—never thought at all that I would write Coming Down to Earth. When I wrote that last sentence in Loving Andy, I considered the story finished. However, because of the encouragement of friends and other readers of Loving Andy, I finally relented, delving back into the lives of characters I have come to love as dearly as any person I know, completing their story.

I can understand readers’ interest in Marian and Andy. I have felt the same curiosity when I’ve read a book that has touched my heart, wondering about how their life had gone after the happily- ever-after-ending. I’m a person who loves that kind of conclusion to a good story and is always unhappy with anything less! I’m afraid, though, that real life doesn’t go that way—that troubles more often than not intrude upon the lives of loving, happy people. And that it doesn’t always end prettily. I’ve had to admit that to myself whenever I’ve been disappointed with the way a book ends and have felt a great deal of respect, albeit grudgingly, for the author who handled the situation so authentically.

Coming Down to Earth is about the mistakes people can make when they think they’re doing the right thing—even when they believe they’re doing the only thing they can do. It’s about love overcoming those mistakes and about finding forgiveness for each other. And…it’s about the shortness of time and finding your way home again before it’s too late.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Coming Down to Earth. You will find this story darker than Loving Andy, with conflict, misunderstanding, and great sorrow. But there are deeper messages and there is abiding love, which I hope will speak to your heart.