Loving Andy

Loving Andy book cover

She was a writer of romance and a gentle singer of Celtic music; he was a rock star. He had lived for years in the seamy world of L.A. rock and roll; she had grown up in the shelter of the mountains of Idaho. She was young and lovely; he still turned heads with his long hair and good looks even though he was old enough to be her father.
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Coming Down to Earth

Coming Down to Earth book cover

It was all so perfect, this world they had created: Andy, Marian, and their little son Aaron. Andy had spent his life searching for what he had now and did not for a minute take it for granted. Marian had left behind her own career to focus on her husband and son and would do anything to protect them. Their lives were inextricably intertwined by steadfast love and unquestioning trust.
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When I Remember

When I Remember book cover

He was the love of her life. And he had turned his back on her when she had needed him most. She had tried to hate him—and convinced herself that she did. So then, why was he always hovering there at the edge of her thoughts? Why did his memory haunt the deepest reaches of her heart? How could it still hurt so much after ten long years?
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A young woman thought dead for two years simply walks out of the Boulder Mountain wilderness of Idaho and is discovered by a ranger on a routine patrol. Finding her unable to speak and completely unaware of everything around her, John begins a quest to discover what she was doing in those mountains all alone and how she could have possibly survived all that time.
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